Recipe: Chilli Paneer

Check out the easy recipe of mouth-watering Chilli Paneer.


• 500 gm Paneer (Prepare small Paneer balls)
• 4 tbsp Corn Flour
• Green chilli (10 to 15 medium sizes)
• 2 tbsp Tomato Sauce
• 1 tbsp Chilli Sauce
• 2 tbsp Soya Sauce
• Salt to taste
• Oil for frying
• 1 Green Capsicum (chopped)
• 4 Onions

How to make

Mix Paneer balls with corn flour fry it in a kadai till it become brown.
In a separate kadai, fry onions till brown.
Cut green chilli into small pieces and add it to fried onion.
Then put small pieces of capsicum and fry it for sometime.
Add Fried Paneer to it.
Then drop tomato/chill/soya sauce into kadai.
Add salt also and stir it for 3/4 mints.
Chili Paneer is ready.