Recipe: Chocolate Pudding

Celebrate Mothers’s day by making this delightful pudding for your mom.


• 1cup Dark chocolate, chopped
• 1/2 cup Milk
• 1 cup Fresh Bread Crumbs
• 2 tbsp Butter (softened)
• 1 tbsp Sugar
• 1/2 cup Condensed milk
• 1 tsp Vanilla essence
• 1/4 cup walnuts (chopped)


• Melt the dark chocolate in a pan, add milk and mix well.
• Add the bread crumbs to it. Mix well and keep aside. Cream the butter and sugar in a bowl till light and fluffy.
• Add the condensed milk, vanilla essence, walnuts and dark chocolate mixture. Mix well.
• Pour this mixture into a greased cake tin, cover it with a foil paper.
• Put the cake tin in a pressure cooker and pressure cook for 2 whistles.
• Unmould, cut and serve hot.