Recipe: Cinnamon Star

Try these delicious Cinnamon Star cookies.


Flour 10 gms
Hazelnut powder 750gms
Icing sugar 600gms
Egg white 150gms
Bread crumb 100gms
Cinnamon powder 15gms
Salt 2gms
Lemon zest

For icing top:

Icing sugar 500gms
Egg white 100gms
Lemon juice

Procedure and Service:

1. Mix all the ingredients together except egg white and sugar.
2. Beat egg white with sugar and make a soft meringue.
3. Fold with all the ingredients.
4. Refrigerate for 4 hours.
5. Take out and roll it into 1 cm thick.
6. Make the icing with egg white and sugar.
7. Spread on top of the cookie dough and cut into a star shape.
8. Bake at 160 degrees C for 10 minutes.