Recipe: Citric Delight Dessert

-Recipe by Chef Fahad Badri, Frisbees


25gm Kiwi
25gm Orange
15gm white choc
15gm cream cheese
10gm gelatin
100ml water
1 lemon
25gms sugar
Mould (any shape and size)


Peel the fruits, cut them as well as the chocolate into small squares. Then remove gelatin in a bowl, add 30 ml of water and microwave it for a couple of minutes until it disolves. In another bowl squeeze the lemon, add sugar and water to the lemon juice and stir till it mixes. Now, add the gelatin mix to the lemon water and stir well.

In the mould, first put the kiwi cubes and pour in the lemon-gelatin mix till all the cubes are covered.Then refrigerate for about 20 min.

Next, remove the mould, pour the lemon-gelatin mix in it till half of the remaining space is filled. Drop in the cubes of chocolate and small droplets of the cream cheese. Let it set in the refrigerator for another 20 minutes.

Remove the mould from the refrigerator again, place the orange pieces in the remaining space and pour lemon-gelatin mix to cover the oranges. Let it set in refrigerator for another 20 minutes.

Remove it for the last time, unmould your desset with the help of a knife by scraping on the sides of the mould.And voila, you`ve got your tricoloured citric delight. It`s best to have it when cold.

Recipe by Chef Fahad Badri, Frisbees

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