Recipe: Custard filled musk melon wedges

Ritu Manglik

Try something refreshingly new. Enjoy custard filled musk melon wedges.


1 medium sized muskmelon (kharbooja)
1 cup ready vanilla custard
50 gms strawberries
100 ml whipped cream
A few sprig mint leaves for garnishing.


Halve the melon and deseed it. Scoop out half the pulp & refrigerate for later use.

Crush the strawberries to a thick paste. Add whipped cream to the custard & divide into 2 portions.

Add strawberry paste to one portion of the custard, and the reserved melon pulp to the other.

Pour the strawberry custard into the chilled melon shell, following shape of the shell & keeping it hollow in the centre.

Then pour the melon custard mixture in the centre. When it is fully set cut into wedgesand Serve chilled.


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