Recipe: Dark cherry soufflé

Updated: Mar 13, 2010, 13:43 PM IST

Enjoy this delicious dessert.


Egg white 2 nos
Castor sugar 40 gm
Gelatin 7 gm
Dark cherry pulp 60 gm
Whipped cream 75 ml

· Take two eggs white in a clean bowl and whisk them vigorously using hand whisker.
· Slowly add castor sugar to it and whisk till egg white attains the soft peak consistency, by the time melt gelatin in a small bowl.
· Fold dark cherry pulp to whip cream, fold this to the above meringue.
· Slowly add gelatin to the above mixture and pour the soufflé in fancy glasses.
· Garnish with fresh mint sprig and dark cherries. Serve chilled.