Recipe: Doi Machh (Curd Fish)

Sriparna Guha Roy

Doi Machh is a delightful, traditional Bengali dish. Try out this easy to make recipe.


Rohu fish (4 pcs)
Half cup Curd
Garam Masala (2 small Cardamom, half an inch Cinnamon, 4-5 Cloves)
Tumeric Powder
Red Chilli Powder
Cumin seed powder
Dried whole Red Chilli (2 pcs)
Bay Leaves
Ginger paste (1 Teaspoon)
Mustard Oil
Half spoon Sugar
Salt to Taste


Wash and clean the fish properly

Marinate it with Salt and Tumeric.

Heat 3 tbs of mustard oil on a frying pan till its smell goes away

Fry the fish pieces on low heat

Take the fish pieces out after they have been fried well and keep them aside

Add a tbs of oil into the pan while keeping the heat low. Give the oil some time to heat.

Meanwhile, take the curd in a bowl and add one teaspoon of cumin powder, half teaspoon of tumeric and red chilli powder, half tablespoon of sugar and salt (to taste). Mix it well.

Meanwhile, prepare the garam masala by grounding 2 small Cardamom, half an inch Cinnamon and 4-5 Cloves.

After the oil has heated up well, add 2 dried red chilies and 1 teaspoon of ginger paste. Add the prepared Garam Masala and the curd mixture while keeping the flame low.

Add 2 whole bay leaves and stir the entire mixture well for sometime, after which add the marinated and fried fish pieces. Cover the pan for three minutes.

Remove the cover and turn over the fish pieces. Again, cover up the pan and let it cook for three more minutes.

Your delicious Doi Mach is ready to serve.