Recipe: Fulkopir Vada

Updated: Oct 18, 2012, 09:37 AM IST

Fulkopir Vada is a popular Bengali recipe prepared during Durga Puja.


• 1 cup Besan
• 1 Cauliflower
• 1/2 tsp Poppy Seeds
• 1/2 tsp Chili powder
• 1 tsp Oil
• Oil for deep-frying
• Salt to taste


• Chop the cauliflower into small pieces.
• Boil in water heated in a pan to make the pieces soft.
• Combine besan and 1 tsp oil in a large bowl. Mix well.
• Add little water and prepare batter with thick consistency.
• Add chili powder, poppy seeds and salt.
• Beat the batter properly.
• Dip softened cauliflower pieces into the batter.
• Deep-fry in oil and remove.
• Fulkopir Vada is ready.