Recipe: Gucchi Murg

Relish this non-veg platter with family and friends.


325 gm. Chicken leg boneless
25 gm. Refined oil
04 no Green cardamom
01 no Cinnamon stick
01 no Bay leaf
05 no Cloves
01 no Mace
15 gm Ginger paste Garlic paste
Salt To taste
01 gm. Turmeric
02 gm. Yellow chilli powder
50 gm. Tomato puree
36 gm. Brown onion paste
30 gm. Curd
03 gm. Coriander powder
04 gm. Ginger chopped
04 gm. Green chilli chopped
45 gm. Fried cashew nut paste
01 gm. Green cardamom and Mace powder
20 gm. Gucchi
10 gm. Butter
20 gm. Cream
02 gm. Green coriander chopped


1. Clean and cut the Chicken leg boneless into dices. Inspect the Gucchi and wash properly- Soak it at least for one hour, cut them into two, keeping the remainder soaking liquor for cooking.
2. Fry Cashew nuts and make a paste. Make a brown Onion paste with fried onions. Keep remaining oil aside.
3. Heat this remaining oil of fried onions in a heavy bottom lagan, crackle Cardamom, Cloves, Bay leaf and Mace. Add Ginger and Garlic paste and stir fry till the aroma becomes robust. Now add turmeric powder, diced chicken leg boneless pieces, salt, yellow chilli powder and stir till chicken is half done.
4. Take chicken pieces out and keep aside. Mix brown onion and fried cashew nut paste and curd in a bowl.
5. Now add tomato puree, red chilli powder, chopped ginger, chopped green chilli, gucchi liquor, coriander powder, and one cup of water. Cook for a few minutes and then add brown onion, curd and cashew paste.
6. Finish with Gucchi pieces, mace and cardamom powder, butter and cream. Adjust seasoning and consistency.
7. Serve with chopped green coriander on top.