Recipe: Gulab Jamun


1 cup All Purpose Flour
2 pinch Soda Powder
100 grams Ghee
3/4 Liter Milk
6 Cardamoms (crushed)
1 tbsp Sugar
1 tsp Rose Essence
2 pinch Saffron

For Syrup

3 cups Sugar
3 cups Water

How to make Gulab Jamun

Boil the milk till it reduces to half cup.
Allow the milk to cool down and add soda powder along with 1tbsp sugar.
Mix the ingredients properly and make it into a smooth batter.
Slowly add flour and prepare fine dough. Allow it to be kept for an hour.
Apply some ghee on your palms.
Make small balls from the prepared dough mixture.
Pour ghee in a pan and heat. Fry the balls in ghee on a low flame.
Boil water with equal amount of sugar. Also add cardamom and saffron.
Filter and add rose essence to it.
Put the fried balls in this solution.
Remove after 3-4 hours.
Gulab Jamun is ready to be served.