Recipe: Gulab Ka Sharbat

Stay cool with this refreshing and healthy drink!

Rose petals (washed well and patted dry on a paper towel), 2 cups
Sugar, 1 cup
Cardamom powder, 1/2 tsp
Juice of 2 lemons, strained
Pomergranate juice, 1 cup (optional)

Crush the rose petals coarsely in a mortar and pestle. Put into a deep glass bowl.
Pour a cup of boiling water over the paste. Add the cardamom powder to the paste.
Mix everything well. Cover the mixture and allow to steep overnight.
In the morning, strain the mixture through a very fine sieve.
Add the sugar to it. Stir the mixture till dissolved, do not heat.
When the sugar is dissolved, mix in the pomegranate and lemon juices and stir well.
The syrup is ready and can be stored in the fridge for about three days.
To serve, pour some syrup into a tall glass, mix with chilled water to taste, add crushed ice.
Delve into the delicious Gulab Ka Sharbat!