Recipe: Hot Garlic Rice Ball

Enjoy this yummy recipe.


For The Balls

1. Basmati Rice 500 GM
2. Oil 1 Table Spoon
3. Chopped Garlic 1 Table Spoon
4. Chilly Pste ½ Table Spoon
5. Brocolli Flovets 100 Gms
6. Black Mushroom 50 Gms
7. Button Mushrooms 50 Gms
8. Corn Icernele 50 Gms
9. Salt To Taste
10. Ajino Moto ½ Tea Spoon
11. Pepper ½ Tea spoon
12 Refined Flour 300 Gms
13. Corn Flour 18 Gms
14. Oil 2 Table Spoon
15. Salt To Taste
16. Pepper ½ Tea Spoon

For The Sauce

1. Oil 1 Table Spoon
2. Chopped Garlic ½ Table Spoon
3. Chilly Paste ½ Table Spoon
4. Tomaato Ketchup ½ Cup
5. White Pepper 1 Tsp
6. Salt To Taste
7. Vinegar 10 Ml
8. Corn Starch 50 Gm

For crispy rice:

1. Basmati Rice 100 Gms
2. Corn Starch 30gms
3. Oil To Fry
4. Spring Onions 50 Gms


For the Balls:

1. Boil Basmati Rice in salted water and keepaside

2. In a Pan Add Oil , Saute Garlic

3. Add chilly paste ; brocolli flovets ; black mushroom
Button mushrooms ; corn icernele .

4. Now add boiled rice.

5. Sprinkle salt; ajino moto and pepper.

6. Cool the rice mixture and roll the cooled ricemixture into 40 gm rice balls.

7. Prepare a batter with mixing refined flour; corn flour; oil and salt and pepper.

8.Now Dip The Prepared Rice Balls Into The Batter And Deep Fry Till Turns Golden Brown In Colour.

For the sauce:

1. Heat The Oil In A Pan

2. Now add chopped garlic and saute for a minute.

3. Now add chilly paste; tomaato ketchup ; white pepper and salt and
vinegar .

4. Dissolve corn starch in cold water and thicken the sauce with corn

5. Now Add Fried Rice Balls

For the crisy rice:

1. Boil basmati rice in plenty of water with salt and cool it.

2. Dust rice with corn flour so that rice get coated evenly with corn starch.

3. Deep fry the dusted rice in medium hot oil till it become crisp.

4. Take out crispy rice on kitchen paper.

5. Finish the dish with adding cripsy rice on top and chopped green onions. Serve hot garlic crispy rice with crispy rice topping hot.