Recipe: Kuttu Aloo ke Pakore

Try this different dish while you are on a fast this Navratras.


1 cup kuttu ka atta.
Ghee or vegetable oil for frying.
1/4 cup finely cut coriander leaves.
3 medium sized potatoes.
1/2 tbsp black pepper powder.
1/2 tsp vrat ka salt.


Boil the potatoes whole till they are half cooked. Add salt, pepper, and the coriander leaves to the kuttu ka atta and mix well.
Mix water slowly to get a smooth batter without lumps. Keep mixing the batter till it achieves a cream like consistency.
Cover it and set it aside for about 20 minutes. When the potatoes are cool enough, take off the peel and slice each one into diagonal slices like French fries. Heat the ghee or oil for deep-frying in a deep pan.
Make sure the heat is moderate and not very high. Dip each potato slice into the prepared batter till the potato slice is covered fully.
Drop the potato slices into the hot ghee or oil one at a time. Put in as many slices as your pan will accommodate but make sure they all are float on the surface of the oil without being bunched up together.
When one side becomes golden in colour, turn and fry on other side till golden brown. Drain on tissue paper to remove excess oil.
Serve immediately with coriander chutney.