Recipe: Litti Chokha

Check out this typical delicious Bihari recipe right away!


Flour ¼ Kg

Sattu (gram flour) ¼ kg

Garlic 1 piece

Ginger 50 gm

Green chilies 5 piece

Cilantro (dhaniya) leaves 2 or 3 pieces

Thyme (Ajwain) ½ spoon

Lemon juice 2 Spoon

1 piece big Brinjal (Baigan)

Tomato 2 pieces

Salt according to taste

Mustard oil ½ Spoon

Onion 1 piece


Arrange all the ingredients of making Sattu (gram flour) delicious.
Now, cut all the ingredients.

Mix all the ingredients in sattu.

You can fry litti in either mustard oil or in refined oil.

Now, you have to keep baigan and tomato on lower flame. Rotate them to cook properly.

Remove baigan skin and mix with tomato, green chili, salt and dhaniya leaves.

Litti Chokha is ready to be served.

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