Recipe: Love apple and bimbli salad

Last Updated: May 01, 2010, 16:38 PM IST

Enjoy the sumptuous love apple and bimbli salad


Hand full of icebarg lettuce
Hand full of lolorosso lettuce
Hand full of romen lettuce
1 tsp lime juice
1tbs olive oil
10 gm slice love apple
10 gm slice bimbli
10 gm slice black olive
10 gm slice green olive
5gm caper
10 gm palm heart
10 gm sundried tomato
5 ml balssamic viniger
10 gm feta cheese
salt and pepper as per taste


Clean the lettuce and put in the ice to keep it crispy and fresh
in the mean time slice, olives, love apple , palm heart, sundried tomato, bimbli and keep it aside
Now take a different bowl to make dressing, for that take olive oil, lime juice, balsamic, salt and pepper and blend this with a hand blender
Now in a bowl take all the greens and sliced ingredients and capers
Then put this dressing on top and toss it up
Serve this in a salad plate topped with feta cheese.