Recipe: Mattarwali Tikki

Binge on the mouth watering Mattarwali Tikki this winter with family and friends.


Green peas 260gm
Boiled and grated potato 60gm Desi ghee Or Clarified butter 40gm Cumin whole 2gm Asafoetida 2gm Turmeric powder 2gm
Ginger chopped 4gm Greenchilli chopped 3gm
Yellow chilli powder 2gm Roasted Cumin powder 6gm Garammasala powder 5gm Cornflour 20gm
Salt To taste


Grated Amul Cheese 16 gm
Mint chopped 01 gm
Grated Paneer 16 gm
Ginger chopped 03 gm
Green chilli chopped 02 gm
Yellow chilli powder 01 gm
Salt To taste


1. Boil green peas, drain water and crush the peas roughly.
2. Heat desi ghee in a Kadahi, crackle the cumin and add Asafoetida then the turmeric powder and subsequently the mashed green peas. After this mixture is half cooked, add grated potatoes. Further cook for a few minutes, remove from fire to cool.
3. Now add the remaining ingredients in the mixture and knead well.
4. For the stuffing- mix all the ingredients mentioned and keep aside.
5. Divide the green peas’ mixture into equal portion balls.
6. Stuff these balls and flatten them in the shape of patties/ medallions.
Cook on a low flame griddle with occasional basting of desi ghee to bring in that crispness and flavour.