Recipe: Monsoon Pakora

Recipe: Monsoon Pakora
Pic Courtesy: Novotel, Hyderabad


Finally sliced onion--3 nos 
Paneer cubes--½ cup 
Raw mango dices--¼ cups 
Gram flour--½ cup 
Rice flour--¼ cup 
Grated ginger--1 tsp 
Chopped curry leaves--6-7 nos 
Chopped coriander roots--1 tsp 
Red chili powder--½ tsp 
Turmeric powder--¼ tsp 
Chaat masala--½ tsp 
Soda water--½ cup 
Salt--a pinch 
Oil--2 ½ cup 
Salad leaves--4-5 nos 
Sweet chili dip--4 tsbp 

1. Add salt to sliced onion and leave to drain excess water. 
2. Mix all ingredients together add enough water and soda water to mix all ingredients 
3. Fry in medium to low heat till golden and crisp. 
4. Serve with fresh lettuce leaves and sweet chili dip. 

(The recipe has been shared by Novotel, Hyderabad Airport)

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