Recipe: Moussaka

By: Aarti Swati

Make this mouthwatering Moussaka at home.


2 Capsicums,
2Tomato sliced,

For the tomato cancasse:

4 Chopped tomatoes,
4 cloves of garlic,
10g, leeks
1 0g Celery
2 Onions,
1tsp Oregano,
1/2cup Grated cheese,
1tsp White pepper powder,
Salt to taste
4tsp olive oil
1tsp Black pepper powder
2tsp Parsley


For the tomato cancasse:

Chop all the vegetables for cancasse. Heat oil in a pan; add onion, garlic, leeks and celery. Sauté for 2-3 minutes. Add chopped tomatoes. Add Black pepper powder, oregano, White pepper powder and salt .Mix well and cook for 2 minutes and keep aside.

To assemble:

Grill the Aurbergines, Capsicums and Tomatoes, cut into slices. Spread a layer of prepared tomato cancasse in a serving dish and top with grilled vegetable’s layer. Cover with grated cheese. Decorate with parsley and serve with bread.

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