Recipe: Mushroom Ki Gilawat

Updated: Jul 31, 2010, 14:04 PM IST

Enjoy the delicious Mushroom Ki Gilawat this season.


Mushroom 400 Gms
Brown onion 100 Gms
Fried garlic 30 Gms
Fried cashew nut 50 Gms
Cream 30 Ml
Chopped chilli 10 Gms
Chopped ginger 10 Gms
Salt 3 Gms
Mace And cardamom powder 4 Gms
Ghee 100 Gms


Blanch mushrooms, and keep aside till dry.
Add brown onion, fried cashew nut to the mushroom
Mix the above together and blend adding cream to it.
Add chopped ginger, chopped chilli, salt and mace cardamom powder
Make small patty with wet hands
Shallow fry in ghee