Recipe: Nimbu Ka Achar

Updated: Apr 02, 2010, 12:57 PM IST

Try this tasty Nimbu Ka Achar with your favourite dish.


Lemon - 2.5 kg
Sugar - 4 Cups
Salt - 0.5 Cup
Black Salt - 0.5 Cup
Ajwine - 0.5 Cup
Red Chilly Powder - 0.5 Cup


Wash lemon, dry it, cut into 1:8 pieces

Heat oil, add Mustred Seed, Crackle it and then add Red Chilly

Add Curry leaves, Hing

Stir it and then add Garlic Chop

Saute it and then add Lemon and Powder Spices

Then add Ginger Chop and Green Chilly Chop

Stir it nicely

Check seasoning and remove from fire