Recipe: Palak Aur Papad ke Kebab

Recipe: Palak Aur Papad ke Kebab
Chef Prasad, Vegas, Deltin Suites, Goa


200 gms Spinach 
50 gms Corn Kernel
100 gms boiled potatoes
30 gms French beans
20 gms Carrots
20 gms Cauliflower
5 gms Jeera powder
15 gms Roasted chana powder
2 gms Garam masala powder
2 gms Kasoori methi powder
2 gms Green Cardomom powder
2 gms Shahi Jeera
10 gms Ginger chopped
5 gms Green Chilly chopped
1 Masala Papad
50 ml Ghee
3 gms Salt
15 gms corn flour
80 ml Oil for frying


1) Blanch the spinach and chop it roughly. 
1) In a kadai heat ghee. Add shahi jeera, chopped ginger, chopped green chilly and saute.
2) Add chopped vegetables and saute till cooked.Add crushed corn kernel and grated boiled potato.
3) Once the water dries, add chopped blanched spinach and bhunao.
4) Add all the powder masalas and salt 
5) Once the mixture is cooked add the roasted chana powder and check for binding.
6) Cool the mixture. Divide in to the equal parts
7) Make a batter with corn flour and dip each portion into it and coat with crushed masala papad. Give each portion a barrel shape
8) Heat oil for deep frying and fry the spinach barrels until crisp.