Recipe: Potato Corn Rosti

Tanu Shree Agarwal

Relish the goodness of potato and corn in snacks.


4 Boiled and grated potatoes
1 tps oil
Salt and pepper to taste
A pinch of nutmeg powder
1 cup boiled corn kernels
Pepperika to taste
Green chillies, chopped to taste
3 Bell peppers of three colors
1/2 cup Tomato puree or concasse
4 tsp cream
1/4 tsp oregano
Grated cheese


Heat a pan with some oil. Mix salt and pepper to grated potatoes and cook on oiled pan. Cook rosti on slow heat until it is crispy.

In another pan combine chopped bell peppers, corn and tomato concasse, and pepperika and chopped green chilies .Add salt pepper, oregano and cream.

Cook for five minutes. In a serving dish put a layer of rosti and spread corn mixture over it. Garnish with grated cheese. Serve immediately.


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