Recipe: Red Bean Hummus Tartine

Recipe: Red Bean Hummus Tartine

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3 gms sliced red raddish
3 gms sliced cucumber
7 gms mesculn
2 gms black pepper
8 gms butter
1 slice wheat bread
1 portion red bean hummus
1 portion balsamic peppers
1 portion spicy tahini paste
1 portion tomato salsa
3 gms chopped parsely

Apply butter on wheat bread, spread the red bean hummus on it.
Cut into 5 pieces, garnish with balsamic peppers, scallions, tomato salsa & parsley.
Put it on the plate with mesclun & 3 slices each of radish & cucumber.
Drizzle spicy tahini on the tartine.
Serve cold.


This recipe has been contributed by  Le Pain Quotidien.

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