Recipe: Seafood and Chicken Paella

-Ssence, The Suryaa


Chicken Boneleaa-- 100gms

Green Mussels-- 200gms

Fish-- 100gms

Grated Tomato---200gms




Water-- 500ml

Bomba Rice--200gms

Olive Oil--50gms

French Beans--50gms

Capsicum Green--30gms

Capsicum Red--30gms

Capsicum Yellow--30gms



Sea Salt--5gms

Black Pepper--5gms



Saute the chicken in olive oil and cook it well for twenty minutes.

In the same pan add garlic add sea food and diced vegetables followed by tomato paste, saffron strands, rosemary and paprika.

Add rice which has been pre soaked for 60minutes. Add water to cover rice and mix it well but slowly.

The paella would catch color from tomatoes and saffron and it would get mix of flavor of tomato, garlic and saffron, complemented with rosemary.

Cook it on slow fire; arrange red green yellow stirs and sea food. Serve it in paella pan once it is cooked, and serve with lemon.

(The recipe has been shared by Chef Sanjay Bahl from Ssence, The Suryaa)

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