Recipe: Som Tam Salad

Recipe: Som Tam Salad

Ingredients for 2 servings:

• 120 grams shredded green papaya

• 2 tbs of toasted peanuts

• 30 grams peeled garlic

• 1-2 fresh birds eye chili

• 1 tea spoon fish sauce

• 1⁄2 piece palm sugar

• 4 cherry tomatoes

• 1 tbs lime juice

• 1-2 tbs Thai string beans cut into 1 inch sticks


• Roughly crush a small handful of unsalted peanuts with mortar and pestle. Set aside. Wipe the mortar 

and pestle clean.

• Melt palm sugar in a small pan at low or medium heat, adding 2 tbs of water. The cooking process 

should form shiny and thick syrup. This makes it easier to mix the sugar with the salad.

• Peel the papaya, shred it with a shredder to thin strips and soak them in cold water while you 

prepare the rest of the salad. This makes the papaya crunchier and gets rid of any excess starch from 

the Swede.

• Cut the green beans into one-inch pieces. Throw away the endings.

• Take the chilies and peeled garlic and give them a gentle bash with mortar and pestle. You still ought 

to see bits and pieces, not a puree. Add the fish sauce and continue bashing. Add the crushed peanuts 

and mix well.

• Add the shredded papaya and continue bashing, but not too hard. Just enough so the mixture soaks 

up the flavors. Use a bigger spoon as a support tool, that way you can shift the salad in the mortar and 

it doesn’t fall out while bashing and mixing.

• Add the liquid palm sugar, tomatoes, beans, lime juice and fish sauce. Continue to lightly bash, shift 

with the spoon, and mix a little more.


By: Executive Chef, Chew Pan Asian Cafe

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