Recipe: Strawberry, yoghurt and oats Eton Mess

Recipe: Strawberry, yoghurt and oats Eton Mess

Recipe by Hyatt Regency, Gurgaon. 


50       gr        Yoghurt                               

40       gr        Whipping cream

10       gr        Sugar

1/3    no       Vanilla pod

100    gr        Fresh strawberries

20       gr        Sugar

4         no       Oatmeal cookies

5         no       Mint leaves

Method for preparation:

Whip yoghurt, cream, vanilla and first part of sugar together to prepare yoghurt vanilla cream.

Half of strawberries blend  with hand blender till are smooth add sugar and lemon juice

2nd part of  strawberries cut to in to quarters.

Cut the oatmeal cookies into dices.

Assemble the dessert by piling up alternate layers of yoghurt cream, strawberry compote and oatmeal cookies.

Garnish with mint leaves.

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