Recipe: Suji Ka Halwa


• 1 cup Suji
• 1 cup Ghee
• 2 cups Sugar
• 4 cups Water
• 2 Cardamoms, crushed
• 1/4 cup Raisins
• 1/4 cup Almonds, chopped

How to make

In a pan, mix water and sugar and put them to boil.

In another pan, heat ghee. Once heated, add suji and fry until it turns golden brown.

Add cardamom, raisins and almonds to the fried suji. Mix it well.

Now, add the sugar syrup to the mixture. Keep stirring while adding the syrup to avoid the formation of lumps.

As the mixture starts to froth, remove it from the flame.

Add crushed dry fruits on the Halwa and serve hot.

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