Recipe: Summer Green Salad with Asparagus, Artichokes Peppers and Melon

Enjoy this delicious recipe.


Lettuce(Iceberg) 30gm
Green lettuce 20gm
Rocket 5gm
Asparagus 30gm Blanched
Melon 25gm Scooped
Artichokes 25gm Grilled
Red and yellow Capsicum 40gm Grilled
Basil pesto 10gm
Salt 5gm
Black Pepper 3gm Crushed
Olive oil 10ml
Lemon Juice 5ml

1. Take a mixing bowl and add all the lettuce along with grilled peppers and asparagus.
2. Add salt, crushed black pepper and basil pesto.
3. Mix the above ingredient and add grilled artichokes along with melon balls scooped out from melon.
4. Add olive oil and lemon juice at the end and present in a salad plate.

Note: (For Basil pesto Take basil leaves grind with pinenut salt and olive oil and finish with parmesan cheese)