Recipe: Tandoori Roti sans tandoor

Make crispy Tandori roti at home without a tandoor.


2 Cups Wheat Flour
¼ cup refined flour
2 tsp Ghee
2 tbsp Yoghurt
2 tsp salt


Mix the Atta, Maida and Salt in a mixing bowl.
Add the yoghurt and knead a tight dough.
Leave this dough out for about 2 hours.
Make a ball from this dough and flatten in into a roti , it should be bit thick.
Take a thick bottomed Tava, Griddle or a Fry Pan and put it over the heat.
Wet one side of the roti and put it on the Pan.
Also wet the upper side of the roti as well with water, just sprinkle some water drops by hand or use a basting brush dipped in water.
Now reverse the pan and hold it in your hand and let the roti get roasted over the heat. The roti will keep on sticking to the pan.
Once the Roti is done on one side, it will fall off.
Now Pick it up using tongs .
Normally the roti would have cooked well on both sides. But sometimes it may fall off bit early, in that case just pick it up and cook in the pan in the normal position.
Smear it with some Ghee on one side.
Serve hot.

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