Recipe: Thai Tomato Soup

Savour the healthy and tasty Thai tomato soup.

Ingredients :

• 21/2 cups Vegetable stock
• 1 tbsp Ginger Root (fresh, grated, peeled)
• 2 cups Bok Choy (Chinese cabbage, chopped)
• 1/4 cup Basil leaves (chopped)
• 48 oz Tomato juice
• 4 tbsp Soy sauce
• 1 cup Bean sprouts
• 1/2 cup Coconut milk
• 2 tbsp Lime juice

Procedure :

• Mix vegetable stock, grated ginger, chopped bok choy, and chopped fresh basil, and simmer it for 10 minutes.
• Blend in tomato juice, soy sauce, and bean sprouts, and simmer it for 10 minutes.
• Mix in coconut milk and fresh lime juice.
• Serve hot.

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