Recipe: Wasabi Waterchestnuts

Recipe: Wasabi Waterchestnuts
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Try is innovative Water Chestnut recipe


Wasabi Sauce (500gm)

210 gm Wasabi Powder
150 gm Milk Powder
110 gm Mayonnaise
60  gm  Sugar
10 Lime
10 gm Wasabi Paste

Mix all the ingredients together.

Wasabi Waterchestnuts  (1 Portion)

100 gm    Water Chestnuts
20 gm     Corn Flour
50 ML      Oil refines
1 gm       Salt
15 ML      Water
30 gm     Wasabi Sauce
5  gm      Mango Salsa
1 gm       Fresh Coriander
1 gm       Lollo Rosso 


  • Heat up oil
  • Coat the waterchestnuts with corn flour,salt and water and deep fry.
  • Heat the wasabi sauce and add some water.
  • Add the waterchestnuts and toss it.
  • Place the lollo rosso leaves on a plate and place the wasabi coated waterchestnuts on it.
  • Place the mango salsa on top and garnish it with a coriander sprig.

This recipe has been contributed by Nom Nom Restaurant

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