Recipe: Winter fruit and parmesan salad

Try out this amazing winter fruit and parmesan salad.



Sapota (CHEEKO) 20 gm
Green apple 20 gm
Red orange 30 gm
Baby mandarin 30 gm
Romain lettuce 30 gm
Parmesan 30 gm
Kamamata olives 5 gm


Olive oil 5 gms
Balsamic vinegar 2 gms
Salt to taste
Crushed pepper 2 gms
Lemon juice ¼th


Corriander Sprig Wt / Measure


Wash, clean and cut all the fruits
Wash, clean and soak the lettuce leaves in cold water
Melt the parmesan in a non stick pan and make a mould by put the melted parmesan sheet on a upside down bowl
Make the dressing by mixing all the ingredients
Mix fruits and lettuce together, drizzle the dressing and place them on the parmesan mould
Serve the salad crisp with some baby mandarin on side and garnished with corriander sprig

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