Recipe: Yasai Tempura

Recipe: Yasai Tempura

Yasai Tempura (Assorted Vegetable Tempura) from Japan

Serves: 2



60 gm zucchini, slices

40 gm sweet potato, slices

40 gm red pumpkin, slices

40 gm babycorn, halves

20 gm okra, halves

80 gm tempura flour


10 gm grated radish

10 gm grated ginger

A pinch of salt


Coat the vegetables with Tempura Flour. Prepare Tempura Batter using the Tempura Flour. Set the temperature of the oil to 170 degrees. Dip the vegetables into the tempura batter and lower it into the oil. Fry till crisp. Serve with Tempura sauce and the accompaniments.

Presented by Pooja Bhula, Avril-Ann Braganza and Averil Nunes.

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