Republic Day Special Recipes

Updated: Jan 26, 2010, 09:43 AM IST

The best thing about Republic Day with which we all can relate to is that it is a national holiday. But we should not forget its immense significance which we often tend to ignore in our busy lives.

Had our country not been a republic who knows we would have had to take permission for doing such basic things as dining out, watching movies of our choice, reading books, speaking our heart out and protesting against wrongs.

It is a shuddering thought!

We should hence thank the fathers of our constitution and celebrate the Republic Day with the spirit of nationalism in our heart, digging into delightful, patriotic food.

Kesaria-Hara Paneer Tikka
Three coloured Salad
Republic Sandwich
Tri Colour Biryani
Tri Colour Carrot Cake