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Roti (Chapati) Pinwheels

Roti (Chapati) Pinwheels

From Sanjana Lal, Gaziabad

You can use the humble chapati in making this delightful snack.


Grated paneer 100gm,
Chopped green chilli 1 tsp,
Chopped ginger 1tsp,
Chopped coriander 1 tsp,
Salt and red chilli powder to taste
Chapati 2no.,
Spinach 12 leaves,A
luminium foil 2 sheets,
oil to deep fry,
gramflour batter to coat the rolls 1/2cup,
toothpicks 12-16.


Take the grated paneer in a bowl and add chopped onion & green chilli. Also add chopped green coriander, red chilli and salt. Mix well. Now spread paneer mixture evenly on 2 chapatties.

Place spinach leaves on top and roll the two chapaties in two aluminum foil sheets and let cool in a fridge.

Take it out when cool and coat with gram flour batter. Deep fry. Remove. Cut into thick slices and put in toothpicks.

- Chapati pinwheels are ready. Serve with green chutney


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