Sahi Tukda

Enjoy the sweetness and purity of shahi tukda.


Bread, milk bread – 12 pieces
Green Cardemon Powder – 3 gm
Sugar – 500 gm
Ittar – 1 drop
Refined Oil for fry/
Milk – 2 liters
Almonds – 10 gm
Pista – 5 gm
Saffron – 1gm
Silver Leaf


For Bread

Firstly, fr y the bread until golden brown and keep it aside over the brown paper for excess oil to be soaked. Meanwhile prepare the sugar syrup.
Take 1 ltr water and dissolve the suga r in it .
Caution – sugar syrup must be of thin consistency.
Then add luke warm milk to the syrup with some saffron.

Sahi Tukda

On slow flame put the golden brown bread over a pan and pour ¾ of the sugar syrup prepared Cook it for 15 mins and after one side is cooked turn over the other side until syrup is absorbed.

For Rabri

Take Mawa in a pan and put the remaining sugar syrup, cook over the slow fire. This requires approximately 10 mins. Add one drop of ‘ittar’ in the end.

Then pour prepared ‘rabri’ over sahi tukda over a pan on slow flame for another couple of mins. Take it off the flame after few minutes.

Place the ‘sahi tukda ’ over a plate and keep it at room temperature for one hour, then refrigerate it for half an hour.

For Garnishing

Pista chinu – thinly sliced
Almonds – thinly sliced

Spread silver leaf over the serving plate and place sahi tudka and garnish it with thinly sliced almonds and pistas.


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