Soye De Kebab

Enjoy the delectable taste of ‘Soye De Kebab’.


Soya bean chunks 50 gms

Soya bean granules 50 gms

Oil 20 ml

Cloves 4 nos

Green cardamom 4 nos

Javetri 1gms

Black pepper whole 2 gm

Dry red chillies whole 4-5 nos

Jeera whole 2-3 gms

Jeera pwd ½ tspn

Dhaniya pwd ½ tspn

Salt ½ tspn

Kashmiri red chilli pwd ½ tspn

Green chillies 2-3 no

Ginger chopped 15 gm

Hung yogurt 15 gm

Roasted channa pwd 50 gm


Soak soyabean chunks and granules for 15 minutes squeeze out the water.
Heat oil in a pan and sauté whole spices, add the soyabean chunks as well as the granules. Add dry spices and sauté for few seconds.
Mince all the ingredients through a mincer add roasted channa powder.
Divide into equal balls and stuff it with hung yogurt and chopped fresh coriander.
Cook it in a medium hot pan and serve.