Recipe: Sabudana Kheer

Recipe: Sabudana Kheer
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Sabudana or Sago--150 gm

Milk--½ Lit

Water--300 ml

Sugar cane Juice--500 ml

Cardamom Pwd--05gm

Cashew nuts--50 gm

Saffron--1 pinch


Rinse the Sabudana till the starch is cleared. Add the rinsed Sabudana pearls and water in a saucepan, and cover it and let it get soaked in water for 1 hrs later keep this pan on the stove top and begin to cook the pearls.

Meanwhile warm the milk after 4-5 minutes, add the milk to the pan and continue to cook.

Add sugar cane juice and cardamom powder and simmer till the Sabudana have cooked well for about 20 minutes on a low to medium flame. Stir occasionally. Add cashew nuts and raisins after taking it of from fire. Garnish the Sabudana kheer with saffron strands.

Serve it either warm or cold.


Recipe by Royal Orchid Hotels.

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