Til wali machali ke kebab

This is a delicious soft, melt-in the-mouth kebab made with fresh fish and sesame as ingredients.


15 gms garlic cloves
7 gms ginger
120 gms onion
25 ml double cream (view)
5 gms chat masala
3 gms garam masala
4 gms salt
3gms white pepper powder
10ml viniger
400 gms fish river sole fillet
8 gms red chilli powder
10 gms sesame seed
5 gms mint leaves
50 ml mustard oil (view)


Wash coriander leaves & mint leaves, peel the garlic skin,
& peel ginger & put all the ingredients in a food processor, blend or liquidize them. Grate onions / chop them finely, keep them aside.
Marinade the fish with salt, pepper, mustard oil & blended masala , add grated onion with excess moisture squeezed out. Keep the marinated fish for 2-3 hrs in the refrigerator.Add red chilli powder & turmeric. Add salt vinegar or lemon juice, few drops of cream could be added. Sprinkle some flour & sesame seeds to crust the fish. Grill the fish on griddle plate with vegetable oil or mustard oil, serve hot with mint chutney or dahi dip.