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Recipe: How to make 'Thai Chicken Curry' at home – Watch

Recipe: How to make 'Thai Chicken Curry' at home – Watch

Each day is good enough to have great food.

Thai: Green Chicken Curry, "Gaeng Khiao Wan Gai"

Wanna try something different yet tasty?Try out this delicious recipe.

Thai Green Curry Shrimp with Noodles

Enjoy this delicious recipe.

Recipe: Hed Phad Medmamjang

Relish the taste of Hed Phad Medmamjang - Thai fried chicken with cashews.

Recipe: Laab Kai

Enjoy the delicious Laab Kai - Thai minced chicken salad

Recipe: Thai Prawn Salad Recipe: Thai Prawn Salad

Try out celeb chef Karan Mehta’s scrumptious prawn salad.

Try Thai!

Thailand cuisine is an amalgam of Indian, Chinese, Malaysian and local flavours. Known for a heady mix of spicy, sour, sweet and salty taste, Thai cuisine is any sea-food lover’s delight. What’s more? It doesn’t disappoint the veggies either. So if you want a change from regular Chinese or our own Punju-Chinese food, try Thai!