This Holi, pichkaris give way to paintball guns at ` Smaaash`

Mumbai: Long-gone are those days of playing Holi in the traditional way! `Smaaash` has gone a step ahead and upgraded the facility, promising to make this year’s Holi more exciting and colorful for the Holi enthusiasts.

Pickharis will now take a back seat for many as `Smaaash` is hosting a Holi carnival in their paintball gaming arena which is India`s largest indoor and air-conditioned military themed paintball field. (7000 sq ft), to encourage Holi buffs to participate in the adrenalin filled sport.

Paintball is a game in which players compete, in teams or individually, to eliminate opponents by tagging them with pellets containing water-soluble dye. For Holi special, SMAAASH arranges the Paintball game with a twist. People can come along with their friends and families and be a part of different teams and play with different colors so that they can combine the traditional way with the thrill of paintball. This year the festival of Holi is coupled with the much waited weekend. So, a quick getaway to `Smaaash` on the long weekend would be a good choice.

`Smaaash` ensures a deadly combination of an adventure sport and colors that will give participants a real time war-like experience where one can shoot the opponent in hiding with color filled bullets from real-world replicas of famous military guns. The exercise is bound to leave one thrilled at the end of it, and what more - you are shooting `them` all and that too with colors which symbolize Holi. The fun does not stop here. You can tap your feet with some exhilarating music and enjoy special varieties of Thandai shots like Apple & Mint Thandai, Thandai Caribbean Style, Smaaash Thandai and Green Velvet Thandai at `Smaaash`.

So, this Holi pick up your marker guns and paint the opposite team, at `Smaash`!