`Amazing Spider-Man 2` filming in February

London: The sequel to ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ will begin shooting in February.

A casting call for the Sony Pictures movie, which is operating under the name `London Calling`, has been discovered by ComicBookMovie, specifying that filming will run until July, reported Digital Spy online.

The casting call is for a stand-in for Shailene Woodley, who will be debuting in the rebooted franchise as Peter Parker`s future wife Mary-Jane Watson.

The film is reported to be shooting largely in London, where Emma Stone`s Gwen Stacy went to live following the death of her father in the original comic storyline.

The movie recently added Chronicle`s Dane DeHaan as Harry Osborn and Jamie Foxx as the villain Electro.
Stone will return alongside Andrew Garfield and Martin Sheen.