`Carrie` remake will be more like `Black Swan`: Chloe Moretz

Los Angeles: Teen actress Chloe Moretz, who will be seen playing the lead role in the remake of the iconic horror film `Carrie`, says the film be more like `Black Swan`.

The 15-year-old said that director Kimberly Peirce`s approach for the remake is closer to Stephen King`s original "Carrie" novel than to the Brian De Palma-directed 1976 film, reported Aceshowbiz.

"I`m actually not looking at the original, even though De Palma`s movie was one of the best movies ever made. It`s completely iconic and I`m proud to be able to be doing a retooling of it.

"We`re kind of going off the book. It`s darker and much more psychological. More `Black Swan`. You`re really looking into her mind and it really looks into the relationship of Margaret and Carrie. It`s set in modern time, so it`s a lot different," Moretz said.

The actress also said she will undergo a very drastic physical transformation to portray Carrie White.

"It`s something that`s very different from me. It`s an out of body thing. I`m becoming a totally different person for it. I`m letting go of all of my self-esteem issues and just kind of going into it. You have to," she added.

"Carrie" follows a shy high school student Carrie White, who is raised by a bigoted mother (Julianne Moore). As she reaches puberty, the young girl possesses a destructive telepathic power that she uses for lethal means to execute her classmates who bully her during a prom night.

The movie project is scheduled to kick off production on June 1.