`Hangover 3` perfect closure: Bradley Cooper

Los Angeles: Actor Bradley Cooper believes the third film in the ‘Hangover’ series will be the perfect way to wrap it up.

The actor is once again reprising his role as Phil Wenneck in the comedy franchise.

"We`re in Los Angeles, Vegas, and Tijuana. This film is a perfect closure to the series. But I`m sorry, that`s all I can say," a website has quoted Cooper as saying.

Cooper will now be seen playing bipolar sufferer Pat Solitano in new movie ‘Silver Linings Playbook’. He says he wanted to make sure he portrayed him in a realistic way.

"Well, if you`re diagnosed as having bipolar disorder, it`s not like there`s a sheet saying, `This is what it is`."

"Director David O`Russell says that mental illness is much like snowflakes - no two are the same. I watched a lot of footage to learn about people who have suffered mentally, but ultimately we just created a character based on his made up history."

"Pat lives in a bit of a delusion in order to cope with his life. He doesn`t have a filter," said the 37-year-old.