`Love Actually` sequel in the making?

Updated: May 14, 2012, 13:12 PM IST

London: Universal Pictures wants director- writer Richard Curtis to come up with a follow-up to hit 2003 romantic comedy ‘Love Actually’.

The film, which focused on different characters trying to find love, was a big hit at the box office and now Universal chief Eddie Cunningham is hoping to convince the film`s writer to pen a sequel.

"I think there should be a `Love Actually 2`. I`d give it a green light. I think many American movies try to emulate that brilliant format where the stories interweave and no one`s on screen for more than six minutes, but only Richard has achieved it. It really makes you appreciate the beauty of his writing," Cunningham said.

‘Love Actually’ boasted an all-star cast, including Hugh Grant, Colin Firth, Liam Neeson, Keira Knightley, Emma Thompson and Alan Rickman.