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`Prince William, Kate Middleton: The Movie` draws bad reviews

Los Angeles: The onscreen version of royal romance between prince William and Kate Middleton, released ahead of their wedding, has been panned by the critics.

The made-for-television movie that airs on Lifetime on April 18 and in the UK on April 24 is likely to become successful despite garnering negative reviews thanks to the wedding hype.

"It`s so bad it`s awful, toe-curlingly, teeth-furringly, pillow-bitingly ghastly. There are movies so bad that they transcend awfulness. Ed Wood`s Plan 9 from Outer Space and Glen or Glenda? perhaps, or Troll 2. And then there is William and Kate: The Movie," Guardian`s Stephen Bates wrote.

"You begin to wonder what the happy young couple have done to deserve this. It will probably be a smash," the critic said trashing the movie further.

Andrew Billen of The Times says the movie is "glorious kitsch that`s too ridiculous to offend".

American critics have also blasted it, describing it as one of the cheesiest movies ever made.

The movie chronicles Prince William, played by Nico Evers-Swindell and Kate Middleton`s (Camilla Luddington) romance at the University of St Andrews in Scotland.

Directed by Mark Rosman and produced in the five months since the couple announced last November they would wed. A collector`s edition DVD will be released after by Revolver Films. But the director has not cared much for accuracy.

"Director Mark Rosman didn`t exactly make accuracy his number one priority. London buses are seen driving, incorrectly, on the right side of the street. That may be because the film was shot entirely on location, not in the Highlands or London, but in Los Angeles, California. Think Buckingham Palace 90210," Daily Mail said.

London Evening Standard critic Richard Godwin noted, "It is hard to pick a favorite scene. Is it the fashion show (`Is that Kate? She`s hot`)? Wills karaoke-ing Kate into forgiving him? If it had to be one, it would be where Kate leaps from her dragon boat, front-crawls over to the watching Wills and gives him a big (kiss)."


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