`Sherlock Holmes 2` to visit Paris, Switzerland

Los Angeles: Hollywood actor Robert Downey Jr says the upcoming sequel to `Sherlock Holmes` will improve on the original`s formula by setting it outside England.

Following the success of the film, there has been no doubt that there will be follow up to the 2009 film.

"Yes, I think we`ll be abroad," he told MTV Movie News when asked whether there are plans to take Holmes` show on the road.

Downey Jr then added, "A bit of Paris, a bit of Switzerland by the end, if I`m not mistaken." The actor playing the British detective also affirmed that he will reprise his role in the sequel, saying "I`m going to do `Sherlock 2`; it was one of my favourite experiences to date."

However, he is not sure if Rachel McAdams` Irene Adler will also return to the second installment.

"It`s hard to say. Because Irene Adler only appeared in one of the stories of Doyle`s reservoir of activities. But we`ll find out quickly," he said.

About the possibility of making it into 3-D movie, Downey Jr said, "It`s hard to say."

"Certainly, if you don`t do it as an option, then you don`t have that option. If the last six months have shown anything, it`s that audiences like options, and they will take advantage of them. And you`re leaving a bunch of dough on the table if you don`t shoot something in 3-D," the actor said.

But the 45-year-old actor promised "Sherlock Holmes 2" will improve on the original`s formula.

"There`s always (room for improvement); as a matter of fact, that`s the great thing about seeing a film in success," he claimed.

"With `Sherlock`, we both had success and the audience responded to it, and we saw room for improvement."

`Sherlock Holmes` follows the adventure of Arthur Conan Doyle`s most famous character and his partner Dr John Watson in their adventure to bring down a new nemesis. The film
earned more than USD 200 million in total.



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