`Star Wars` saga set for re-release in 3D

Updated: Sep 29, 2010, 16:02 PM IST

Los Angeles: The `Star Wars` franchise is all set to get a 3D treatment George Lucas will re-released the 3D version beginning with `Phantom Menace` in 2012.

Although 3D versions have been rumoured for some time, Lucas purportedly was waiting until there were enough screens available to make the release a sizable event.

Fox, which released all six original `Star Wars` films, also would release the 3D versions.

The first episode `The Phantom Menace` would be first out of star-dock during early 2012. After that, each film would be released in order at the same time in consecutive
years, depending on how well the first re-release does, the Hollywood Reporter said.

Each 3D conversion takes at least a year to complete, with Lucas overseeing the process to make sure each is as perfect as possible.

Lucas said that James Cameron`s `Avatar` convinced him that `Star Wars` was ready for the state-of-the-art 3D treatment.

Lucasfilm would use several higher-end conversion houses to work on the project. By late winter or early spring in 2012, the exhibition industry should have all the 3D screens anyone could want for such a release.

In the meantime, Lucas plans a comprehensive Blu-ray Disc set of the six films next year, which would include upgraded picture and sound quality, new deleted scenes and special features of the cult movie franchise.