`The Hunger Games` to boost North Carolina tourism

London: `The Hunger Games` is set to give a major boost to tourism in the US state of North Carolina.

Fans of `The Hunger Games` starring Jennifer Lawrence have already been spotted visiting the state where the film was shot.

The tourism industry is expected to provide hotel packages, zip-line tours and lessons in survival skills. As the whole movie was filmed in North Carolina, they used the mountainous scenery and Henry River Mill Village as the setting for District 12, contactmusic.com.

"I`m getting too many visitors. Day and night, they`re driving through, taking pictures, getting out and walking. I`m just bombarded with people," Associated Press, stated an 83-year-old property owner in the area.

The film, which is based on the big-selling book, is set in a post-apocalyptic world where teenagers are forced to compete to the death in annual fighting games.

"The Hunger Games" was released in cinemas across Britain Friday.