`Titanic 3D` fetches USD 67 million in first six days

Beijing: The 3D version of the famed romance ‘Titanic’ is expected to set a new first-week Box Office record on the Chinese mainland, as it already fetched USD 67 million in the first six days after its release.

Ticket sales accounted for USD 11.3 million on the first day, while another USD 28.5 million was earned in the following three days. The film`s 10-day box office in North America, in comparison, amounted to just USD 36 million dollars, Xinhua reported.

"Great opening for Titanic in 3D. First time ever China box office (more) than US," 20th Century Fox President Rupert Murdoch wrote on Twitter.

The original "Titanic", released in 1997, raked in USD 57 million in China, a significant figure at the time.

Film critics expect "Titanic 3D" to earn even more during the upcoming May Day holiday, predicting it to eventually overtake the USD 222 million dollars earned in China by "Avatar," another James Cameron film.